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10Kms north of Pondicherry is located "AUROVILLE" the city of Dawn inviting all men who thirst for progress and aspires to a higher and truer life. Auroville wants to be a Universal Town where men and women of all countries are able to live in Peace and Progressive harmony above all creeds and politics and all nationalities. The formation of Auroville was laid on 28th Feb. 1968. Matrimandir, the Soul of Auroville is under construction in the centre of Auroville is the living symbol of Auroville aspiration for the Divine. There are around
40 odd settlements located around Matrimandir.These settlements are engaged in a variety of activities including afforestration, farming education and handicrafts. The total area of Auroville is about 50 Sq.Km. No local transport is available inside the township. A conducted tour of Auroville from Boutique D' Auroville, 12 Nehru Street, Pondicherry, Takes interested visitors around various settlements of Auroville. Accommodation in Auroville is available in three guest houses called Fraternity, Swagatham and Utility Repose.
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